Well, yesterday I had the day off for Martin Luther King Jr. Day. Unlike the past few days and this morning, the weather wasn’t quite as cold as it had been. William had been asking for a long time to make a snowman, so we put on our snowsuits and went outside. It didn’t take very long before we discovered that the snow was much too powdery, and not sticky enough to even think of making a snowman, so I decided that since we had plenty of drift snow, we may as well make an igloo instead.

It’s been a while since the last time I’d made an igloo, but I know the basics, and they aren’t too impossible to build. The snow wasn’t really in the greatest shape to make one, but we made do as best we could. I grabbed the shovel and started cutting out blocks of snow from the snowdrift. Then I made a circle in the snow where we wanted to build the igloo and started arranging the blocks around the circle. When all this was done, we packed snow into the cracks to make sure that the first layer was nice and sturdy. Then, we cut out more blocks and arranged them in progressively smaller circles towards the top. When I could no longer step in and out of the circle, I cut a hole at the bottom to climb in and out of, and continued as before.

William seemed to really enjoy it for the most part. He got a little bit frustrated that he wasn’t able to help as much as he wanted to (he’s only four, so once it got a certain height it became a bit more difficult for him to do anything useful), but once we cut the hole in, and once he could crawl in and out, he was content just to watch. All-in-all, it took about four hours to complete (we took a break after the first two hours). It looks pretty decent, although it’s not huge, but it’s good for a four-year-old to play in, either way. Perhaps I’ll take a picture some time – when we finished it yesterday it was starting to get dark, so I didn’t get a chance to take one yet…

But now, it’s back to work, and back to school for William. Perhaps we’ll get to play with it some more on Saturday.