At four-and-a-half, William is a bit of a handful sometimes. But I guess I have to take the blame sometimes for not keeping a good enough eye on him all the time. Other times it’s cute just to watch his young mind at work.

A few days ago while Alana was off to get her hair cut short (she cut 21 1/2 inches off and sold it), I had the privilege of watching him and Niamh by myself for a while. At one point I decided to do the dishes, and since I had my attention directed too much at the task at hand, William decided to menace his sister a bit. Unbeknownst to me, as I was occupied in washing the dishes, somehow he managed to get hold of the counter-top cleaner and started to spray Niamh with it in the back hall, out of my sight. At some point she started to complain, so I went over to see what was going on. By the time I got there, Niamh’s face was covered with the cleaner, and the floor was sopping wet. Not knowing what was in the cleaner, I quickly placed Niamh in the bathtub, and William on the steps, and promptly called my Mother to see if she could help me out.

I started to wash Niamh’s face off and Mom came over pretty quickly (she’s about a two-minute drive away). She got out a pail for me as I worked as well as I could to get as much of it off Niamh’s face as possible, as quickly as possible. After that, she took over giving Niamh a bath, and I went to work mopping up the cleaner from the floor. William went in the tub next and I went over to check the cleaner.

Fortunately, all of our cleaning products are relatively safe to use around children, and this one only had a caution for eye irritation and nothing else. I suppose that’s why it’s about the only cleaner that we have out in the open in our house (all the rest are locked up under the bathroom sink). At any rate, Niamh didn’t have any irritation in the eyes at all, so we didn’t have to do anything for her, like take her to the hospital. In the end, my mother had fun giving the kids a bath, and then doing Niamh’s hair after, but the whole situation was a bit more stressful to me.

On a less-stressful note, however, William decided to embark on more of an unusual task yesterday afternoon. After we had gone out into the cold -10 degree weather that day, he decided that he wanted to go for a swim outside.

He went up to Alana and asked her if she could set up the pool for him so that he could go out swimming.

“Well, if you really want to go swimming, you can go ahead”, she said, “but it’s not a good time.”

William promptly ran up the stairs, and gathered his swimming suit. Upon descending he started to strip down and put the bathing suit on. Satisfied that he was relatively prepared for the task at hand, he asked if he could go outside and have the pool set up.

“If you want to go swimming, go outside for a minute, and if you’re still satisfied that you want to go swimming, I’ll set the pool up for you”, she said.

At that, William figured he had one more requirement.

“Can you give me my coat?”, he asked.

“Why do you want your coat?”, Alana asked.

“You can’t go swimming with your coat on!”, I added.

“But it’s too cold outside!”, William complained.

“Well you can’t go swimming with your coat on.  So if it’s too cold to go out without your coat, then how do you expect to go swimming?”, Alana said.

William started to sulk…

“Winter is taking too long!”, he said in dejection, “Why can’t it be summer now!”