I’m a bit tired now, but that’s okay. The weekend was busy and this week is sure to be pretty busy as well, since Alana will be gone all week.

On Saturday I brought Alana to the airport, where she boarded a plane off to the Dominican Republic. This will be the first time she will meet her sister’s husband, who neither of us has met before. (Alana’s sister met him when she went to the Dominican Republic on vacation a while ago. They got married not too long after, but he hasn’t been allowed to leave the country yet, so it may be a while before the rest of us are able to get to know him). Alana will be staying with her sister while she is there, and hopefully she’ll be able to get a little bit of rest. That means, however, a fair amount of more work for me, of course.

Driving to the airport was not too bad, but on the way back the kids and I got stuck in the backlog right behind an accident on Hwy 400. It took about 40 minutes before the police were able to direct us off the highway via an on-ramp that they had closed off. The kids were a little bit antsy about the wait, but considering the highway was closed for several hours afterward, I was just glad that we were able to get home without too much trouble (and thankful that we weren’t involved in the accident itself – it sounds like there were a number of cars involved).

I took the car to the dealership later on at about 1:00 and had them drive me home. After about 2 1/5 hours I called them back, and they still haven’t figured out where the oil leak is, so they put some sort of dye in the oil and asked me to drive it for a week before coming back. (The car is only about two years old on lease, so I don’t see why there should be a leak…) At any rate, all that cut down on my time on Saturday to get ready for Sunday, so I was busy most of the night.

Of course, it was possible for the day to get more busy, so at about 11:00 at night, William threw up in his bed with ultra-acidic stomach contents. The smell was indescribable… I’ve cleaned up puke before, but this one took the cake. After about an hour of cleaning up, William was able to go back to bed and I was finally able to lay my head down for a couple of minutes. That was until William came to my room, asked for some water, and then proceeded to throw up, again, on our bedroom floor. I wasn’t exactly happy about that, but thankfully that was the last time he threw up, and he slept soundly the rest of the night. (He was feeling better yesterday, and slept well last night.)

Yesterday we went to church in the morning and I had babysitting duties. The kids were pretty good, so it was a pretty good service to babysit for. I’m teaching Sunday school this month, so I had to talk to Dwayne to see if we could arrange something for taping next week (since I do the first Sunday of every month) – he said he could do it no problem. After church we had soup and some sandwiches at my parents house and then I put the kids to bed for a nap while I got a bit of exercise. Then at 3:30 we went to our Bible study group at my brother’s house and studied on the topic of pride. When I got home I heated up leftovers for dinner and we ate before Alana’s mother came over.

Alana’s mom will be taking care of the kids until Wednesday night, and then my mother will take care of William during the day, and Christina and Greg will take care of Niamh. I put the kids to bed and made breakfast and lunches for today. Finally I got to bed at around 9:30 and then wound my mind down for about 2 1/5 hours before I could actually fall asleep at around 12:00. Tonight will be pretty busy too, I’m sure…

All-in-all, I’m a bit tired, but not too bad. I certainly don’t envy any single parents out there, though, and I’ll be glad when Alana gets back. Hopefully she will have had a bit of time to relax and rest a bit first, though. She could certainly use some rest.