And I’m finally getting a little bit of rest.

It’s her first day back at work today, so she got the news today that her company had been acquired by another company of which we know neither name nor details. All we know is that the founder, who had stepped down recently, is not very happy about it. Alana isn’t sure whether this will be a problem for her or not, since she works part time rather than full time, so we will have to see what happens as time progresses.

Alana got some rest while she was in the Dominican Republic. She was not all that impressed with the work ethic of the people she met down their, nor with the fact that they routinely engaged in mixing drinking with driving (at least they had seatbelts, though, which I can’t say for the taxi we took in Panama on our honeymoon). She didn’t get too much of a chance to talk to Melvin because he does not know English very well, and she doesn’t know Spanish, but at least she got to meet him and his family. When I picked her up at the airport on Friday night she had a significant sunburn from walking around the beach and playing with the children. She had fun, though, and hopefully she is a bit more relaxed than she was when she left.

On Saturday, Alana had to go to work. It was a bit of a shock for her because she had just spent a week in 30 degree Celsius (about 90 Fahrenheit) and now had to endure -15 degree weather (about 5 Fahrenheit) outside. On her way home, she bought the movie Fireproof, since we hadn’t received the one that we had pre-ordered yet (they told us that it probably got lost in shipping somewhere). She was tired of waiting so she said we’ll just give the other one away when we get it (which is a bit of an unusual thing for her to do, but I guess she really wanted to see it now). 🙂 So we watched the movie Saturday night while babysitting my brother’s daughter for evening. Mya stayed up the whole time, until Chris came to pick her up at around 11:00 pm (a little later than the 8:00 pm that he had promised on the phone, but we know him well enough to have expected it). We enjoyed the movie, but we were both tired, so we also enjoyed it when Chris came to pick his daughter up.

Sunday night we started going to bed on time again, so today – after a couple of days of sufficient sleep – I feel a bit better.