I can’t say that the weekend was very fun, nor is it all that fun right now. Everything was fine on Friday, and Saturday morning was great, but at about lunch time, after eating a salad with two eggs with the kids, my stomach made a turn for the worse. It felt pretty bad for a while, so I was going to take a nap at around 2:00 pm. Just as I was about to go to bed, I recieved a phone call from my brother’s wife asking if we still wanted his weights. I said sure, so I picked them up and put the kids to bed for a nap.

My stomach was still in a bit of pain so I decided to put something in it that I hoped might cut down the pain. So I made up some nachos, which, in hindsight was a pretty bad idea. Almost right after eating it, my stomach revolted against me, and it felt like someone was tearing it apart with hooks (no, I haven’t actually experienced that, but that’s the best I can describe it – it was pretty intense). I decided to go to bed, and hope it would feel better.

After a few hours of bearing through the pain, I decided to call my mother to see if the symptoms matched what she had last weekend. Alana was at work, and went with her sister to watch a movie (Escape to Witch Mountain), so I had no one else to talk to, and since my mother felt sorry for me, she offered to take the kids off my hands so that I could relax until Alana got back. So she picked them up, I took 5 drops of Oil of Oregano, and went to bed.

Alana got back at around 7:00, and seemed to think we went for a walk, or to my parents house, so it took a few times for me to call her before she heard me and came upstairs. She gave me a few medications and I started to feel a little bit better, although it still hurt to turn around in the bed to get a better position. I had a fever, so I spent the rest of the night in bed.

I still didn’t feel too great the next morning, so Alana took the kids to church without me and took it upon herself to teach Sunday school to the children for me (though in the end, the head of the program did it for her instead). I felt so-so by the time they got back, but still had some pain in my stomach and by now my throat.

This morning I got up and went to work, despite myself. I probably should have just stayed home, but I’m here now, so I’ll just try to avoid people so that they hopefully won’t catch the same thing. That won’t be too difficult. My stomach still hurts a bit, but not too bad right now, and my throat is sore, but not horribly so. I’m guessing that I’ll be fine by Wednesday, and pretty good by tomorrow.

Such is the result of stomach flu, I guess.