That will have to wait for a little bit…

On Thursday Alana had a drilling rig come over to fix our laundry line post. It’s not exactly a standard thing for them to do, but they weren’t that busy and were able to do it. Alana has been wanting to see it corrected for quite a while, so when they told her that they could, she jumped at the opportunity. We were going to do some outside work yesterday, but it was too cold, windy and wet, so we decided to stay inside instead.

This morning I did taping for the church and I will be doing the afternoon service as well. (Since I was booked to do the toddler’s babysit as well, Alana had to do the babysitting for me.) My sister-in-law’s father was preaching this morning, so he was over at my parent’s house after the service, which is always nice. He has an extremely deep voice, so it takes a little bit of adjusting the levels to get it to sound right when you’re working the sound, but it is a wonderfully powerful (and yet gentle) voice regardless.

Tomorrow should be fun, since Alana, William and I are going to the Newsboys concert at night. It’s at the Toronto Airport Christian Fellowship, which I pass by every evening on my way home from work, so we won’t have any trouble finding it. Alana and William are going to meet me at work after 5:00, then we’ll get something to eat and head on over. It should be interesting to see Michael Tait as the new lead singer.

On Tuesday I’m off to Toronto General Hospital for my regular heart murmur checkups in the morning, and then back to work in the early afternoon.

On Friday we’ll be off to my Aunt Jackie and Uncle John’s place in Michigan with my parents. We’ll be there until Monday and then return home. Usually we visit them later on in the year, but it should be nice at this time of year as well. Hopefully my father will relax a bit while we’re down there; he’s been dealing with a medical issue for the last few weeks, so he’s a bit stressed out about it. A bit of time off will do us all some good, I’m sure.

So the next week and a bit will be busy enough, but it should be enjoyable as well.