Well, we saw the Newsboys on Monday (April 6th) at Toronto Airport Christian Fellowship and it was a great show. Michael Tait did an excellent job – his voice fits the Newsboys quite well and he does a good job on stage as well. The “B” stage in the middle of the room was nice and the other bands were pretty decent. (VOTA was probably the best of the other bands.) They did a little “back in time” review of Newsboys vs. DC Talk songs with short portions of some of the songs for a few minutes which was fun to watch. They played one DC Talk song, which was “Jesus Freak” as their second last song (the first one after they returned to the stage). Of course they played “Breakfast”, and William was pleased to listen to the “ya ya” song (a.k.a. “Somethine Beautiful”). William got tired pretty quickly, so he didn’t pay much attention to the last bit of the concert, but I think he enjoyed it anyway. It snowed quite a bit on Monday, so the drive home wasn’t all that fun, but by the grace of God we made it home safely and finally got to bed at around midnight.

The next day I had appointments at Toronto General, and since the snow was still pretty heavy on the roads in the morning I took the bus down to the subway so that I wouldn’t have to drive. I got to the hospital just in time and had the X-ray done fairly quickly. Then I went upstairs for my ECG (electrocardiogram) at 10:15 before my Dr’s appointment at 10:30. Well, at 10:40 they still hadn’t gotten to me for the ECG and I was scheduled for an echocardiogram at 11:00 so I brought it to the attention of one of the nurses. They told me that I was next in line anyway and called the electrocardiogram office and told them that I would be a few minutes late. The ECG only takes about one minute to set up, 30 seconds to run, and another 30 seconds to clean up, so I’m not sure why they were so far behind (there weren’t that many people in line). The doctor saw me immediately after and we went over a few things. Apparently I have to come in next year to do a CT scan, or something of that sort to make sure that the right side of my heart isn’t getting larger (which sometimes happens). The echocardiogram isn’t accurate enough to get a proper guage for this, so that is why it will be required.

At any rate, I got to the echo lab a couple of minutes late, and then was taken a few minutes later. Of all the tests, the echo one is the most painful. Mostly this is just because I have no meat between my skin and my ribs, so when they move the sensor around and press down it can hurt a bit. After about 30 minutes of laying on my side and having this done, I was free to go, so I got back on the subway and went all the way down the line to Yorkdale. When I got there I realized that there was no express bus back until 5:00 pm, so when I got off the subway I went directly onto another subway going the other way and travelled the whole route until the opposite end of the line at Finch, where a different bus line was able to take me home.

Yesterday I got a not unexpected phone call (because I had been given a heads-up a couple of months ago), which I will have to consider tonight – but I will write about that some time after we get back from Michigan…

I hope that everyone has a wonderful Easter!