We recieved news on Saturday, April 25th that my brother’s wife gave birth to a daughter, Violet May. Leah was a bit late, so they induced, but she didn’t have as much difficulty with the induction as Alana did (I guess the epidural helped), and she’s feeling quite well. I haven’t had a chance to see Violet yet, but hopefully they will bring her by my parents house on Sunday (or else next Sunday). Violet was born 9 lb 4 oz, at 55 cm (about 21 1/2 inches) which is sizable enough. Both mother and daughter are doing well.

The funeral for Alana’s grandmother was held on Monday at her church in Toronto. Alana’s mother stayed at our house overnight on Sunday and we got to the church a little early to get everything ready. Alana’s sister Jenn, Greg, and I were asked to be pall bearers along with two of her mother’s cousins and another relative. Basically this meant that we had to carry the casket from the car on the street up the stairs and into the church before it was placed onto a platform with wheels before the funeral and back to the car after. Since her grandmother was in a fair amount of pain for some time before she died, Alana and her mother took the funeral pretty well. They were a bit relieved that she no longer had to suffer through the pain, although I’m sure they still miss her. Her younger sisters took it a bit harder, but still fairly well.

So it’s been a bit of a contrast for the past few days with some happy news and some sad news. Hopefully we’ll have more good news than bad news in the next few months.