There are a few things I have to write about today. It’s easy when you haven’t updated anything for a few weeks, so lets go back to a week ago to start.

On the 7th of May, William was part of his school’s musical. The JK and SK classes were together as one group of singers all dressed as ants. When we got to the school, William went directly to his classroom to get ready with the rest of the class and then the rest of us (Alana, Niamh, and I) waited through the line to get into the gymnasium. When we got to the doors were were asked for our tickets, but we had never seen the tickets that were requested, so we didn’t have them. The principle (who was at the door) just asked us to sit in one of the chairs by the door to wait and see if there would be any problems (they had a list of all the parents with our names and two tickets purchased on it). A little while later, they said that everything was fine and let us in, so we found a seat and waited for the show to start.

William’s class was first. They sang, “The ants go marching one by one, hurrah! hurrah! … The ants go marching, one by one, the little one stops to suck his thumb, they all go marching down, around, the town, boom boom boom!”, and continued through the number up to “ten” with “stops to say ‘the end'”. It was cute. The older class had children doing little introductions to the next classes and they continued with bees, butterflies, and various other insects before finishing off with a bow.

That Saturday my brother Matthew had his Jack and Jill party for his upcoming wedding to Holly. I went down at 10:00 in the morning through torrential rain to help set up. Everything went pretty smoothly and we were ready to go home around lunch time. At 7:00 in the evening we came back and I was in charge of the shuffleboard game. Since I was busy helping out I didn’t get to play many games (other than shuffleboard, of course), but I did get a chance to do rather poorly at the nail hammering game (I only did one nail and it bent after about four hits, so I got off rhythm – my brother Doug won the game with five [almost casual] hits of the spike – they were fairly sizable nails). Alana and the kids had a chance to have some fun playing the rest of the games before they left fairly early. I stayed until it was over and helped with the “twonie toss” (that’s a $2 Canadian coin) before everybody called it a night around 1:30 in the morning. In general the party went pretty smoothly and Holly and Matt made enough money to put a good dent in the wedding budget, so everyone was happy with that.

This past Tuesday I had to take the day off due to having some sort of bad cold or flu. My throat was sore, my teeth were sore, my ears were sore, my muscles were sore, and my head ached, so I spent the day in bed and got some good rest.  My teeth still hurt until Friday, but most of the other symptoms were gone the next day, so that was good.

The next night William started to complain about his right ear and was up screaming and moaning all night. So on Friday I took him to the doctor to have it checked out. She said that his ear was pretty badly infected, so she gave hima prescription for some Amoxicillin. After taking that for a few days, he seems to be feeling quite a bit better.

Today I found out two things: first, that I am on my brother Matthew’s team for baseball and that the first game of the season is this Thursday, and then second that I have been chosen as one of the four elders who will replace the four elders whose term is near completion (one of those four being my father).

Two of the other four are also involved in taping the services, so it should be interesting to see how we’ll juggle the responsibilities. It was nice to see that there were eight men who were willing to let their name stand after nomination – hopefully that will continue in the future. I will have to give up my Sunday school teaching responsibilities for the sake of my (and my wife’s) sanity, but I had discussed that issue with my elder when he discussed the nomination with me earlier, and he didn’t think that we would have any problem finding a replacement teacher.

I ask that you pray for me and for the other elders who have been chosen to serve in this capacity. Several of us are new to the office, so it will take a little bit for us to get adjusted to it, I’m sure. In addition please pray for all of your own elders as well. We will (and they do) need your prayer always.