A solid hit to lead off the season last night in a game between my brother Matt’s team (our team) and my brother Doug’s team. No pressure being the lead-off hitter of the season for our team, right? It wasn’t so bad though. I played better than I had expected, this being the first game of the season. Hitting was decent for a first game (I think it was 4 for 6, but I’ll have to double-check next game). Fielding was good with three or four outs and throws that were on target each time – even the short hops were handled with no difficulty. So, performance wise, everything was better than I would have guessed. Boy was I tired after the game, though! Programming isn’t exactly the most physical of jobs.

In the end, our team beat Doug’s team 20-15. We had a solid start, with 11 runs scored in the first two innings, but then slowed down to one or two runs per inning for the rest. Doug’s team started off with no runs until the fourth inning, and then consistently got two to four runs per inning until being shut down in the ninth. My brother Chris (who was on Doug’s team) was unhappy with his play, but he shouldn’t be too concerned, everybody should expect to be a little rusty in the first game. My general impression of the two teams is as follows: Doug has a good set of players on his team and should do quite well. His team is not quite as good as it was last year with the four of us brothers on the team, but he’s got Mike and Chris on his team and several other good players, so I expect they’ll have a good season. Matt’s team (for which I play) looks like a pretty good team as well. I’m not sure if it’s quite as good as Doug’s, but we’ll put in the effort and see how we stack up after a few more games. Certainly I expect us to win some games, and we’ll have a good time playing. There aren’t any players on our team that I would consider to be bad players and, more importantly, there aren’t any players on it that I expect would get sour during the game and lose their focus. I haven’t seen the team my brother Phil is playing on yet (Dave’s team), but I’ll find out more about that later.

On a side note: It looks like they’ve changed the one home run per inning rule for the ninth inning. Now it’s open season on home runs in the open inning (which is good). Doug’s team did get one out on a home run last night, which is somewhat unfortunate, but I guess it’s the rules.

Also: William should start T-ball in a few weeks. (Our next game is Tuesday.)