A quick recap on Game 2 last night: Our team won the game 36-8. I went 5 for 7 with four singles and a double (my current average is 0.692). Feilding was a bit difficult due to relatively high winds, which stalled the ball when it was hit, but Josh still managed to make great catches and serve as almost a one-man outfield. Our next game is next Thursday.

Other than that, William has started to ride his bike without training wheels. It was a bit difficult weaning him off of the wheels at first, but he’s getting the hang of it now. He had been depending mostly on his left training wheel as a sort of crutch when riding, so he started out by tending to lean to the left and fall over. Once he learned how to balance a bit better and to stop and put his feet down if he was going out of control he got a bit better. A good night’s sleep helped out somewhat too – his second day was much better than the first. We’ve still got to work on his turning and being able to start by himself, and he’s a little wobbly still, but my guess is that he’ll be riding around by himself as though he were born on a bike in a couple of weeks or so. Niamh wants to ride too, but she’s too small to reach her feet to the ground still, so that will have to wait a bit (she’s not quite three years old yet, so there’s certainly no hurry).