Just a quick recap on the game and a few stats for last night:

W 36-7; 7 at bats; 3 singles; 2 doubles

Season (so far):


3-0 record; 92 runs for, 37 runs against (2.49 for:against); 3.68 runs for/inning (27 innings); 1.37 runs against/inning (25 innings)


20 at bats; 10 singles; 4 doubles; AVG = .700; SLG = .900

We’ll see if that continues in the future. Pretty much everybody played well last game hitting and fielding. My brother Matthew almost took my head off when I was on third base and he lined it at me, but I managed to duck out of the way in time. 🙂 I doubt that I’ll be able to play the next game on Tuesday since I’ll probably have a council meeting that day, but I’ll find out how the team did afterwards.