Well, game six has come and gone. We were up against the team with the reputation of being the best team in the league (they had a 4-1 record). I got to the game a little late because of some phone calls that I had to make, so I was one of the first sitters. My fielding in the second inning was a bit lackluster, but there was only one ball played between center and right field that I had to play and it didn’t end too badly. The rest of the game my fielding was pretty much perfect (it helped that I didn’t have to deal with any one-hoppers).

On the other hand, my batting was atrocious. The first three at bats ended in outs, with me tripping up on the way to first on the third at bat (I’m not exactly sure why, but I think I tripped up on my shoelace and then smacked my right foot into the back of my left leg when trying to over-correct – that would account for the pain there this morning). At any rate, I got a few scratches on my palms and a minor rip in my pants, but nothing major. Finally I got a double on my fourth and final at bat, so I was at least happy not to be shut out. I suppose I was a bit out of practice and not prepped up properly before the game, but either way, I was just off.

Our other batters came up a little short as well. No one was hitting much this game, except for the other team in the first three innings. In the end we ended up losing 21-15, which isn’t too bad. We kept it relatively close in the end and we certainly could beat them if we were on top of our game, but they played a good game and deserved to win.

William missed his first game of T-ball yesterday. No one called us to let us know when the season began, so we had to call the person who organizes the league. He’ll be starting next week. Apparently there are only three teams in the T-ball league, so two teams will play each other each week and the other team will practice. All the games and practice sessions will be on Mondays at around 5:15-6:45, or somewhere around that time. Should be fun for him.