A little update on baseball. Our team has been hitting pretty poorly in the past three games, scoring a total of 39 runs (or 13/game on average) – that’s about what we were getting per game near the beginning of the season. I already wrote about the 15-run game – the last two games we scored 10 and 14 runs, respectively. The only positive thing about all this is that our defense has been pretty good, so we won the first of the last two games 10-9, and the last game 14-7. Monday’s game was a little closer than the 14-7 would make it look, since it was 5-5 until the top of the eighth. I believe our next game is on Monday.

On the other side of the ballpark, William has started playing T-ball. The first time was just a practice session, Monday’s game was an actual game (sort of). I arrived on Monday a little late because I had to eat a little bit before my game (which was scheduled immediately after his game in the same diamond), so I missed the first inning, but was there for the rest. William had a nice hit during his at bat, but he needs to learn to run the bases still. It doesn’t much matter yet, though, because they aren’t keeping score at this point in the season, and none of the kids get out – they just go through the entire batting order and then switch sides. Apparently he was scared of throwing and catching the ball that day because he was practicing with his friend Karen-Lea (who he considers to be his future wife – I hope I spelled her name correct) and hit her in the face with the ball when he was throwing it to her. That may explain why he didn’t seem interested in fielding. It was fun to watch, either way. He plays again this coming Monday, so maybe I’ll practice some ground balls with him tonight (after he comes back from the zoo trip he’s going on today with Alana, Niamh, and Alana’s sister).

Other than that, we’ve been practicing for the Moorefield lob-ball tournament on the 18th, and we’ll have another practice on Sunday. The light’s are in, but they aren’t hooked into the power supply yet, so we’re still waiting on that, but eventually they’ll be ready…