A quick recap for game 11: This was our first game under the new lights. with an 8:30 start and around 10:15 end. The lights were nice, it felt much like playing during the day, without too many differences. It’s nice not to have to worry about how long daylight will last.

We fell behind early with a couple of (relatively) bad innings in the first six innings. By the 8th inning we were down by five runs (something like 14-9). In the bottom of the 8th, we scored three runs to close the gap to two runs. Then in the top of the 9th inning, Tom’s team (the other team) scored one run to make it 15-12 (ish). In the bottom of the 9th, we had two runners on base, and a nice hit by Bryan scored two runs to make it a one run deficit. A couple of batters later, and we were tied.

At some point in the inning with two outs (either when we were behind by one, or tied, I don’t recall anymore) one of our batters hit a soft grounder to the shortstop. For some reason he lobbed a high throw in to first base, rather than throwing it directly (perhaps his arm was injured, or perhaps he wanted to make sure the catch wasn’t mishandled?), this gave her enough time to reach first base before the catch (and infuriated the first baseman). With one on, two out, and a tie game, Josh was up – no pressure – he proceeded to smack a home run over the fence to win the game for us by two runs.

It was a bit of an odd game. Our fielding was not great, but not horrible, either (except, perhaps, at a couple of times). Our hitting was pretty terrible at the beginning of the game, but it picked up a bit in the end (still though, our bats have been somewhat cold ever since our first loss six games in). Hopefully we’ll pick it up soon, though it hasn’t hurt our record much yet (we’re 10-1 on the season and have beat each team at least once). I was robbed on one of my hits – a hard line drive to the left-field line – it was a nice hit, but an even nicer diving catch. 🙂

Aside: On Saturday I bought a cheap ($30 on sale from $40) baseball bat to practice with. As my brother had done a few years ago, I drilled a hole through one of my baseballs and threaded a string (well, clothes-line wire) through it before tieing one end of it to a branch (the bottom end is long enough to pull it down if it gets caught in branches). Now I can practice hitting by myself without having to borrow a bat, or bothering anyone to pitch, and William can do the same if he wishes (and he seems to like it).