A quick review of the last 4 games:

Game #: 13
Opponent: Doug’s Team (2nd place)
Result: Loss (42 – 20-something)
Conditions: Our team was down an outfielder for the first 5 innings, Josh was injured.
Highlight: My brother getting called out due to his excessive showboating on Doug’s third home run when Doug passed him and then passed the plate before him. He didn’t lag in Doug’s next home run.

Game #: 14
Opponent: Some team…
Result: Win
Conditions: I was gone at a council meeting, Josh still injured.
Highlight: I wasn’t there, so I can’t say…

Game #: 15
Opponent: 6th-7th place team.
Result: Win
Conditions: Josh still injured, otherwise fairly good.
Highlight: Matt and Hollie showing up for the game in the middle of their honeymoon.

Game #: 16
Opponent: 3rd-4th place team.
Result: Win (41-19)
Conditions: Josh played back catcher and had a pinch runner, the other team was short on players, we had enough for subs.
Highlight: A quick reverse toss from the glove to the second baseman by someone on the other team.

What about the other three games?

During William’s last T-ball game of the regular season he got out when he attempted to run to second base on a decent hit. After the inning he wanted to go home because he didn’t like getting out. (I was probably like that when I was his age.) We told him that everyone gets out sometimes and that it’s just part of the game, but he still didn’t want to play.

His tournament was last Saturday and he didn’t want to play in that either, but after Alana let him know that he would get a trophy for it, and me telling him that I would take his bat and glove away if he didn’t play in it, he decided that it wasn’t such a bad idea after all.

His first game was a 10-9 loss, and his second game was a win, landing his team in second place (out of the three teams). He was thrilled to get the trophy, though, and proceeded to show it to everyone at the ballpark. We’ll see if he wants to play next season…