Well, I haven’t had the most pleasant past couple of days or so…

On Tuesday I found out (in the middle of our elder’s meeting) that one of the members in my district passed away. The normal method of communicating the funeral arrangements to everyone in the church is for each of the elders to call all of the members in their district and give them the information. Since I am Bob’s district elder, his wife called my house to give me the arrangements to pass on. Since I was at the elder’s meeting, Alana passed the information along by calling my mother, who called the church and let us know. We received the information after 9:00, so we didn’t have much of a chance to call anyone that night.

The next day, on my way home, I decided to take the back roads because they are much more pleasant to drive on with their lack of traffic and better scenery. Most of the roads were fine, but one road wasn’t all that well maintained and had a decent cover of snow. As I crested over the final hill, there was a car coming from the other direction who seemed to be close to my lane, so I pulled a little closer to the side as we passed by each other. At this point, the car started slipping and I turned the wheel a bit to keep on track, but it seems that I overcompensated a bit. The car moved abruptly towards the other side, so I turned in the other direction – trying to regain control – but that would not happen. The car turned wildly now in the other direction and I knew there wasn’t much that I would be able to do to, but I tried anyway and managed to turn the car back again, but at this point, the car had had enough and spun out and into the ditch. I remember slowly sliding into the ditch and wondering whether the air bags were going to go off or not. They didn’t.

At this point, I turned the ignition off and got out to make a phone call. I didn’t know the phone number for a tow truck, so I called my wife, who gave me a number. I called the number, but it was no longer in service, so I called Alana back. She said she would try to find another. While I was waiting for her to call back, someone stopped to help me out and they called a tow truck. I thanked him and he left, then I waited for a little over half an hour. During the wait about six or seven people stopped to ask if I was okay, and if I needed help. Only one person drove straight past without asking anything. The tow truck driver arrived and a couple of minutes later, my wife arrived.

The driver pulled the car out with a bit of effort (the ditch was about three feet deep, and the road was pretty much ice at this point – it was more snow than ice on the other side of the hill, but it was very slick on the North end). There was some damage, but it looked like it was mostly to the bumper cover, so I drove the car home and Alana took it to the dealership the next day (we had an appointment for regular maintenance that day anyway). William and Niamh seemed perplexed and repeatedly asked me why I would want to drive the car into the ditch, so I explained to them that I hadn’t intended to wipe out but I lost control anyway – that answer didn’t satisfy them.

I was a bit frazzled on the way home, so I took it easy. When I got home we put the kids to bed and I started making phone calls to let everyone know about the funeral arrangements that I hadn’t had the chance to do the night before. I wasn’t sleepy, so I watched the Olympics for a while and then tried to get to sleep. It took a while, but I eventually succeeded in falling asleep.

Yesterday I drove William to school in Alana’s car and then went to work. I let everyone at work know what was going on and started work. Alana called to tell me that the dealership was estimating the damages at around $8,000 (they really must not make cars like they used to), so I called up the insurance company and answered all their questions. They arranged for a rental car for me to use and told me they would send an adjuster to the dealership to assess the damages as well. Since Alana had no car anymore and was at work, I left work at around 2:30 to pick up William from school, then Niamh from Christina’s house, and then Alana from work before going to the rental company and picking up a car.

We got home, and since Monday was a holiday and the day before I had truncated Alana’s grocery shopping when I called her we didn’t have much to choose from to eat, so I fried up some bacon and eggs for our supper. After supper I cleaned up a little before our financial advisor came to visit us for a short meeting that had been scheduled the week before, and then we left for the viewing. Alana and I offered our condolences to the family and then went home to put the kids to bed.

The kids did not remember being at a funeral home before, so Niamh asked why the man wasn’t moving, and wondered if they had cut his legs off (because half of the casket was closed), and William wanted to know whether he would feel it if he touched his nose. Those questions would be odd if they were much older, but they really don’t understand yet.

So today I’m at work again and trying to take it a little bit easier before the weekend. Hopefully next week will be a little less turbulent.