I’ll add another post. 🙂

Perhaps in June or July…


It’s probably not a great idea for me to post a resolutions list for this year, especially as it concerns the blog since I haven’t been able to finish off what I had hoped in past years. So I’ll just list some things I’d like to work on, whether or not I can actually get around to it or not:

  1. Add journal entries as usual.
  2. Finish off work on the game that I’m currently making to help me learn Greek (and post it).
  3. Post a few papers on various issues (something I don’t think I did last year, though I have four or five half-finished ones – just need to see them through to the end.)
  4. Keep up to date on evolution/id news items.
  5. Finish off entries in the Family section of my About page.

Looks like a manageable list, we’ll see how it goes…

I’ve just found out how to post source code on WordPress (I hadn’t really looked into it before), so I’ve converted one of my earlier posts, “Methinks… Part 1”. It certainly looks better this way, although it’s unfortunate that the line numbers don’t handle line continuations (that’s a small matter, though).

Well, I’ve finally gotten around to adding some information to my About page. Three of the four sections are pretty-well done. The last section will take a little bit of time, and I may eventually need to spit it into four more sections. For now, though, information regarding the blog and about myself is up. (I’ll be glad when I everything is pretty much set up how I want it.)

Now, there will be, at least…

After a bit of work, I’ve added all the old posts that I can get my hands on, and categorized them. The categorization needs quite a bit of work, but this is a start, at least. I still need to rewrite some journal entries for the last four months or so of 2008, but I’ve written down some notes, so I should be able to do that without too much difficulty. Also, a few of the links will need to be updated, but these things can all be done in time.

I’ve been working through adding some of my old posts to this blog. It’s coming along nicely, I guess. I’ve got about 2 years worth to go (after updating about 2 years). Some of the older posts had to be deleted because all I have is the lead-in portion of a larger post, but for the most part, I’ve been able to get quite a bit back. Since I hadn’t updated my RSS feed in a while, I’m missing about 1/2-year from 2008, but some of that I’ll be able to rewrite, and most of the rest of it doesn’t matter all that much.

Lots of fun!

I’ve added two new resources to my resources page:

Probabilities and Fitness


Is the Peacock My Brother?

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