I know it’s been a month now, but it seems I hadn’t posted the preview trailer yet:

Also note that the official website has been up for a while as well. It includes a flash map game that they are adding to as time goes on.


ChristianityToday has posted an article about the “Narnia Summit” that was held last week, where Walden Media showed footage and walked through the entire script with Christian leaders, Lewis experts, and fan sites like NarniaWeb and NarniaFans… here are some highlights that will get everyone talking:

The Ending:

Kathy Keller: “I’m glad the final interaction between Aslan and Lucy was there in its unadulterated entirety, because I consider that the pinnacle of the entire seven books.”

I have spoken with Tirian, and he confirmed that the line “there I have another name” is in the film! This is something NarniaWebbers have been concerned about for some time. Rejoice!

The Undragoning:

Keller says she learned that writers originally wanted Eustace, still in dragon form, to fight a sea monster and “earn” his return to human form. But she says Flaherty, a committed Christian, “put them straight that you don’t earn grace, you receive it once you are humbled and aware of your need.”

Tirian also confirmed that, in the film, we will see Aslan ripping the dragon skin off of Eustace!…

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You can view them here.

There’s a nice shot of the Dawn Treader for the next movie here.

And another one with the prow here.

For more information see NarniaWeb.

I’m looking forward to the new Narnia movie that they’re working on right now (apparently they’ve started filming recently). Some casting news:

  • Gary Sweet will play the role of the Dawn Treader’s Captain Drinian.
  • Arthur Angel will play the role of Rhince, Drinian’s First Mate.
  • Bruce Spence will play the role of the Lord Rhoop, one of the seven lords for whom Caspian is searching.

See NarniaWeb for more information.

There’s also a picture of one of the set pieces here.

It’s official! After five agonizing weeks of waiting for news, it has been announced that Fox will co-finance The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader with Walden Media! According to Variety, “the two sides are still working out budget and script issues, but the hope is to shoot the film at the end of summer for a holiday 2010 release through the Fox Walden label.” Walden still controls the movie rights to the books.

It is also revealed that “Richard LaGravanese penned the most recent draft that both Walden and Fox were happy with, but there’s a question about his availability because he has been adapting Sara Gruen’s bestseller ‘Water for Elephants’ for Fox 2000.”…

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Was released publicly today, here’s a link to where it can be found:

Trailer (at

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