I haven’t posted much lately, but here’s the result of this past season in baseball.


It was a fun season with two of my brothers, Doug and Matt on the team. We lost the first game of the season to the Kooy Brothers team and forfeited the fifth game due to a shortage of players, but won the rest of the games. The final game of the playoffs was a close come from behind walk-off win against the Kooy Brothers.



Smalls: I was gonna put the ball back.
Squints: But it was signed by Babe Ruth!
Smalls: Yeah, you keep telling me that! Who is she?
Ham Porter: WHAT? WHAT?


A fairly quick update of the last couple of weeks.

On Saturday, William and Niamh finished off their swimming lessons for the season. On her third try Niamh finally passed her course, and William passed his as well. Niamh will start her next lessons in the summer, but William will be playing baseball instead.

Also on Saturday, Alana went to a community garage sale and picked up a bike for Niamh. We have a few kids bikes, but Niamh is still too small for them, so Alana found a 12-inch rimmed bike for her to learn on. So after brining the kids back from swimming lessons, I installed the training wheels on Niamh’s new bike and helped her learn how to ride.


Well, the new baseball season has arrived, so I’ll do a quick summary of the first few games. I’m on my brother Doug’s team this year, and it looks to be a fun year, despite the start. We lost our first two games, first against Matt’s team by two runs, then by another team by about 8 runs, or so. Last night we played our third game and earned our first victory by a score of 31-10. Hitting-wise, I’ve started out okay, with nine singles, two doubles, and one triple in 17 at bats, so it’s a .706 average and .941 slugging pct. Fielding has been okay, but could be better. In the first game I played second base for one inning and all I can say is that I’m back in the outfield now. William will be playing T-ball this year again, but that won’t start for a few weeks. It will be fun to watch him again.

Alana and I have both been under the weather a bit for the past couple of weeks or so. Headaches, and sinus infections seem to be generally what is bothering us. I have been feeling a bit better the past two days, though, so I’m thankful for that. William missed two days of school last week due to a flu. He was throwing up quite a bit, so Alana had him on Thursday and I worked from home on Friday so I could take my turn. Niamh started complaining of a headache in the middle of the service on Sunday morning, and she had a high fever, so Alana took her home and she stayed in bed all day. She decided to throw up as well, once on me (which is fairly easy to clean up at least). Yesterday she wasn’t feeling to well when she woke up, but seemed to get better quickly after that. She seems to be doing pretty well right now.

So there’s a little update on some stuff. I haven’t had much time to write much else, but other than that, the kids are finishing their swimming lessons up this week, and we finally got off dialup (we cancelled our satellite TV service as well, since we don’t watch much anyway, and would prefer watching what we can better screen on DVD anyway).

As mentioned yesterday, my journal entry for this year’s baseball tournament is finally finished, and can be found here. Last year’s (2008) can be found here, 2007’s can be found here, and 2006’s can be found here. I don’t believe we had day-long tournaments before 2006, though, so I’ve go not entries before that (of course, not having the blog until after 2005 could have something to do with that as well).

Well, after a long Saturday, the baseball season is over once again. We finished the season on Tuesday with a win, so we were ranked 1st place in the league in exactly the same position (15 wins, 2 losses) as last season, but this time with my brother Matthew as coach. My other brother Doug’s team (one of the two who had managed to hand us a loss) came in second place and we were all hoping to meet each other in the finals (as unlikely as that would actually be). Chris was also on his team, and Phil was on his friend David’s team (ranked 8th). But enough about the season, on to the playoffs…

The playoffs started out with a three-game round-robin with eight teams moving on from the single pool of 10 teams. (A bit odd, yes, but it was what it was – I think Tom just wanted each team to have a chance to play three games minimum.) Ranking at that point would be by wins and then +/-. Everybody had one game on Friday night and two on Saturday to start.


A quick review of the last 4 games:

Game #: 13
Opponent: Doug’s Team (2nd place)
Result: Loss (42 – 20-something)
Conditions: Our team was down an outfielder for the first 5 innings, Josh was injured.
Highlight: My brother getting called out due to his excessive showboating on Doug’s third home run when Doug passed him and then passed the plate before him. He didn’t lag in Doug’s next home run.

Game #: 14
Opponent: Some team…
Result: Win
Conditions: I was gone at a council meeting, Josh still injured.
Highlight: I wasn’t there, so I can’t say…

Game #: 15
Opponent: 6th-7th place team.
Result: Win
Conditions: Josh still injured, otherwise fairly good.
Highlight: Matt and Hollie showing up for the game in the middle of their honeymoon.

Game #: 16
Opponent: 3rd-4th place team.
Result: Win (41-19)
Conditions: Josh played back catcher and had a pinch runner, the other team was short on players, we had enough for subs.
Highlight: A quick reverse toss from the glove to the second baseman by someone on the other team.

What about the other three games?


We won 36-13 in an 8-inning game that the other team forfeited for a lack of players showing up anyway. Our hitting was decent, fielding was so-so on my part.

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