Well, it’s been four months since I’ve had time to write anything much. I have a little bit of time today, since I have the day off, but I’ll still be busy. I wish that I had some more time to write, but most of the time that I would have had available is now being taken up with writing minutes and such, since I took on the task of being the clerk to council at our church. It’s not too difficult of a position, but it does take away from some of your time – especially if you are the type of person who is picky on details as I tend to be, and not so much a natural writer.

On other fronts, my daughter Niamh is in Jr. Kindergarten now. She goes twice a week and is enjoying it. William is in Grade 1 now, and he seems to like it as well. He doesn’t seem to mind going every day of the week, and he seems to be flourishing this year. We bought him a bunch of “Bob Books” and he really enjoys reading them, so his reading skills are rapidly improving. He also pays much better attention when we do devotions at supper time and can usually repeat most of the details of the Bible stories that we read.

Alana just had her birthday yesterday, so I bought her “Corner Gas: Season 004”, and went out to get her ice cream from the Marble Slab Creamery. On Sunday we will celebrate her birthday with my parents, brothers and sisters in law after church.

Anyway, I should probably get to writing the minutes of last Tuesday’s meeting, as well as notes on the home visit on Monday…


Well, I haven’t had the most pleasant past couple of days or so…

On Tuesday I found out (in the middle of our elder’s meeting) that one of the members in my district passed away. The normal method of communicating the funeral arrangements to everyone in the church is for each of the elders to call all of the members in their district and give them the information. Since I am Bob’s district elder, his wife called my house to give me the arrangements to pass on. Since I was at the elder’s meeting, Alana passed the information along by calling my mother, who called the church and let us know. We received the information after 9:00, so we didn’t have much of a chance to call anyone that night.

The next day, on my way home, I decided to take the back roads because they are much more pleasant to drive on with their lack of traffic and better scenery. Most of the roads were fine, but one road wasn’t all that well maintained and had a decent cover of snow. As I crested over the final hill, there was a car coming from the other direction who seemed to be close to my lane, so I pulled a little closer to the side as we passed by each other. At this point, the car started slipping and I turned the wheel a bit to keep on track, but it seems that I overcompensated a bit. The car moved abruptly towards the other side, so I turned in the other direction – trying to regain control – but that would not happen. The car turned wildly now in the other direction and I knew there wasn’t much that I would be able to do to, but I tried anyway and managed to turn the car back again, but at this point, the car had had enough and spun out and into the ditch. I remember slowly sliding into the ditch and wondering whether the air bags were going to go off or not. They didn’t.


A quick entry (maybe) about what’s been going on in the past few weeks.

Earlier on in the month, while there was still snow, the kids and I went tobogganing a few times (once with Alana as well). It’s too bad there’s not much snow lately, so we haven’t had much of a chance in the past little bit, but I’m thankful for the lack of snow in other ways (i.e. for driving purposes). William also got a new (for him) pair of skates and a hockey helmet (both for free – I don’t know how Alana finds these things), and he got to go skating a couple of weeks ago as well.

Niamh went to the eye doctor last week and she’s now started wearing a patch for 2 1/2 hours each day. The glasses haven’t gotten rid of her lazy eye yet, so this is the next step. They expect that since we caught it relatively early (so they say) that the patch should be sufficient.

The kids have both started swimming lessons again. Niamh is redoing the course she took several months ago, while William is moving on. Being older, William seems to be progressing quite well, but I think they both enjoy the lessons quite a bit.


If I haven’t written an update in a while, it usually means that I’ve been a bit busy for a while, and have been sleeping in a little longer in the morning to catch up on my sleep. But now that I have a moment or two, I’ll update you on what I only mentioned briefly a few weeks (or actually, a bit over a month) ago, that being my ordination as an elder and the first two meetings.

So to start it off, two weeks ago was the day when I and four others were ordained as elders (and one as a deacon). I was nervous, as I can sometimes be when I’m in front of everyone, and I was hoping that the pastor would tell a couple of jokes before the actual ordination so that I’d be a little more loosened up. Thankfully, I didn’t have to be nervous for too long because the ordination was pretty much the first thing on the schedule, and thankfully, the pastor did tell a couple of jokes to loosen us up a bit before the ordination. By the time we got to it, I wasn’t quite so nervous anymore (though still a bit) and I was quite relaxed for the rest of the service. The basic form for the ordination of elders and deacons in the CRC can be found here. After we were finished answering the questions, the elders and deacons who had served before came up and laid their hands on us as we had the prayer. After this, we were able to sit with our families again until the end of the service, when we went up to the front to shake hands and recieve encouragement.


Apparently the water levels at Lake Simcoe are currently at 219.23 masl, and are expected to reach over 219.30 masl, according to the Lake Simcoe Conservation Authority.

To see what that means, compare to last year’s report here.

Well, we saw the Newsboys on Monday (April 6th) at Toronto Airport Christian Fellowship and it was a great show. Michael Tait did an excellent job – his voice fits the Newsboys quite well and he does a good job on stage as well. The “B” stage in the middle of the room was nice and the other bands were pretty decent. (VOTA was probably the best of the other bands.) They did a little “back in time” review of Newsboys vs. DC Talk songs with short portions of some of the songs for a few minutes which was fun to watch. They played one DC Talk song, which was “Jesus Freak” as their second last song (the first one after they returned to the stage). Of course they played “Breakfast”, and William was pleased to listen to the “ya ya” song (a.k.a. “Somethine Beautiful”). William got tired pretty quickly, so he didn’t pay much attention to the last bit of the concert, but I think he enjoyed it anyway. It snowed quite a bit on Monday, so the drive home wasn’t all that fun, but by the grace of God we made it home safely and finally got to bed at around midnight.


That will have to wait for a little bit…

On Thursday Alana had a drilling rig come over to fix our laundry line post. It’s not exactly a standard thing for them to do, but they weren’t that busy and were able to do it. Alana has been wanting to see it corrected for quite a while, so when they told her that they could, she jumped at the opportunity. We were going to do some outside work yesterday, but it was too cold, windy and wet, so we decided to stay inside instead.

This morning I did taping for the church and I will be doing the afternoon service as well. (Since I was booked to do the toddler’s babysit as well, Alana had to do the babysitting for me.) My sister-in-law’s father was preaching this morning, so he was over at my parent’s house after the service, which is always nice. He has an extremely deep voice, so it takes a little bit of adjusting the levels to get it to sound right when you’re working the sound, but it is a wonderfully powerful (and yet gentle) voice regardless.


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