Another case of “gender identity” being pushed as more protected than religion:

EDMONTON, Alberta, October 16, 2009 (LifeSiteNews.com) – The Alberta Human Rights Commission has accepted a complaint brought against an Edmonton-area Catholic school board by a substitute teacher who was let go after she announced she was ‘becoming’ a man.

Janet Buterman, 39, had been employed by the Greater St. Albert Catholic School Board for about four months when, in June 2008, she informed deputy superintendent Steve Bayus that she was undergoing a ‘sex change’ and now wished to be treated as a man.

The following October, Mr. Bayus responded with a letter indicating that Buterman had been removed from the substitute teacher list because the procedures she was undergoing were in conflict with the Catholic teaching upheld by the school board.

“In discussions with the Archbishop of the Edmonton Diocese, the teaching of the Catholic Church is that persons cannot change their gender,” he wrote.  “One’s gender is considered what God created us to be.”…

Buterman maintains that she has a legitimate medical condition – gender identity disorder – and that the board has discriminated against her because of it…

The Alberta Catholic school board is not the only one coming under fire for upholding its Catholic faith.  An Ontario board was the subject of a human rights complaint last month because of its decision not to hire a non-Catholic.  In that case, the school board is asserting its right to hire teachers that espouse the Catholic values they are aiming to instill in their students.

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By the way, the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms specifically protects against discrimination based on “sex”, not on “gender”. The word “sex” is properly used to identify a person’s biological category (male or female), the word “gender” is used to refer to societal roles and identities relative to a person’s sex (see WHO’s definition). It seems that the complainant is trying to argue around this by considering a sex change operation as a necessary “treatment” for a mental disorder.

For those interested you may want to read the articles from the CBMW on “How the Gospel Ministers to the Transgendered”: (Part 1) (Part 2) (Part 3) (Part 4).


The American Psychological Association (APA) and other mental health organizations have objected to providing psychological care to those who are distressed by unwanted homosexual attractions on a number of grounds. These objections include scientifically unsupportable claims that:

  1. There is no conclusive or convincing evidence that sexual orientation may be changed through reorientation therapy.
  2. Efforts to change sexual orientation are shown to be harmful and can lead to greater self-hatred, depression, and other self-destructive behaviors.
  3. There is no greater pathology in the homosexual population than in the general population.

In What Research Shows, we offer a landscape review of more than one hundred years of experiential evidence, clinical studies, and research studies that demonstrate that it is possible for men and women to diminish their unwanted homosexual attractions and develop their heterosexual potential; that efforts to change unwanted homosexual attractions are not generally harmful; and that homosexual men and women do indeed have substantially greater experiences of and risk factors for medical, psychological and relational pathology than do the general population. Based on our review of 600 reports of clinicians, researchers, and former clients—primarily from professional and peer-reviewed scientific journals, we conclude that reorientation treatment has been helpful to many and should continue to be available to those who seek it. Further, mental health professionals competent to provide such care ethically may do so.

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The attempt to prove that homosexuality is determined biologically has been dealt a knockout punch. An American Psychological Association publication includes an admission that there’s no homosexual “gene” — meaning it’s not likely that homosexuals are born that way.

For decades, the APA has not considered homosexuality a psychological disorder, while other professionals in the field consider it to be a “gender-identity” problem. But the new statement, which appears in a brochure called “Answers to Your Questions for a Better Understanding of Sexual Orientation & Homosexuality,” states the following:

“There is no consensus among scientists about the exact reasons that an individual develops a heterosexual, bisexual, gay or lesbian orientation. Although much research has examined the possible genetic, hormonal, developmental, social, and cultural influences on sexual orientation, no findings have emerged that permit scientists to conclude that sexual orientation is determined by any particular factor or factors. Many think that nature and nurture both play complex roles….”

That contrasts with the APA’s statement in 1998: “There is considerable recent evidence to suggest that biology, including genetic or inborn hormonal factors, play a significant role in a person’s sexuality.”…

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SAN FRANCISCO, September 25, 2007 (LifeSiteNews.com) – The Folsom Street Fair, a gay parade which has for years included full nudity and sex acts on public streets, is set to take place again this year on September 30 with city approval, partial public funding and sponsorship by Miller Brewing Company. This year several Christian and pro-family groups have called for public scrutiny into the event as the ad for the event is a mockery of Christ’s Last Supper.

The ad portrays Christ and His disciples as half-naked homosexual sadomasochists with the bread and wine representing Christ’s broken body and blood replaced with sadomasochistic sex toys.

“The most unimaginable and vile acts of debauchery are commonplace during the fair,” said Matt Barber, Policy Director for Cultural Issues with Concerned Women for America (CWA). “Senator Larry Craig was arrested and driven out of the Senate for allegedly soliciting public ‘gay’ sex, yet during this event the city of San Francisco suspends the law and allows ‘gay’ men and women to parade the streets fully nude, many having sex – even group orgies – in broad daylight, while taxpayer funded police officers look on and do absolutely nothing.”…

Stephen Bennett, a former homosexual who runs a ministry for those struggling to overcome same-sex attraction disorder, challenged mainstream gay groups to condemn the vile anti-Christian display. “I call upon the homosexual Human Rights Campaign, GLAAD, GLSEN, and the Gay and Lesbian Task Force to publicly condemn this blatant mockery of Christians and Christianity by some within their community, and condemn this sick public display of immoral behavior,” he said…

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*sigh* The provincial elections are coming up fast, and there’s not a whole lot to chose from in terms of leadership in this province. Difficult to find someone to vote for. Some comments:

In the interviews published September 6, the paper asked, “Xtra readers recently voted Queen’s Park the best place to have sex in public in Toronto and Xtra has made a plaque to honour this distinction. As premier, would you display it outside the legislature?”

NDP Leader Hampton replied: “That would be an interesting plaque. Let me put it this way, I’d certainly want to see the plaque. Whether it deserves a place in the legislature or the park outside I’d have to look at, but I’d want to see the plaque first.”…

Hampton told the paper that the NDP is committed to forcing Ontario taxpayers to fund sex-change operations.


So apparently the NDP don’t have any problems with sex in public places – at least not homosexual relations, anyway. Is Dalton McGuinty any better in this respect?

Liberal Premier Dalton McGuinty was not available for the interview but sent the paper written comments in which he boasted of his role in bringing homosexual ‘marriage’ to the province.

“Together, we moved early in our mandate to pass legislation that allows gays and lesbians to recognize their love through marriage,” wrote McGuinty in comments published September 6.

The Liberal Leader also boasted of the practicing homosexuals in his cabinet. “I’m proud of the fact that George Smitherman is Ontario’s Deputy Premier and Health Minister, and I’m proud that Kathleen Wynne has strengthened our schools as Ontario’s Education Minister,” he said. “Both have been a strong voice in my government for Ontario’s gay and lesbian community.”


Okay, so how about John Tory’s views on this issue?

In the Xtra interview Mr. Tory was asked, “Why should a queer person vote for your party?” In reply, Tory boasted of his leading the homosexual pride parade. “I’ve been a person marching at the front of the parade, ensuring that human rights are enshrined and advanced and protected,” he said. “I think if people look at my track record, the way I’ve led the party, that I will be not just a spokesperson but a powerful spokesperson.”

First, apparently it’s a hate crime to desecrate a Quran:

A 23-year-old man was arrested Friday on hate-crime charges after he threw a Quran in a toilet at Pace University on two separate occasions, police said.

Stanislav Shmulevich of Brooklyn was arrested on charges of criminal mischief and aggravated harassment, both hate crimes, police said. It was unclear if he was a student at the school. A message left at the Shmulevich home was not immediately returned.

The Islamic holy book was found in a toilet at Pace’s lower Manhattan campus by a teacher on Oct. 13. A student discovered another book in a toilet on Nov. 21, police said.

Source: Hate-crime arrests in Quran desecrations at Pace University

But not if you’re a homosexual:

Charles Merrill, the artist who recently edited the Holy Bible with a black marker and pair of scissors, has lately burned a rare Islamic Holy Book, The Koran, valued at $60,000.00, in an undisclosed Chicago location. “The purpose of editing and burning Abrahamic Holy Books is to eliminate homophobic hate,” Merrill stated. “Both ancient books are terrorist manuals.”

CARDIFF, Wales, July 18, 2007 (LifeSiteNews.com) – Homosexual activist groups are hailing as a “landmark” the decision against the Church of England by a Welsh employment tribunal in favour of a homosexual man claiming discrimination based on his sexual orientation.

The gay lobby group Stonewall gave financial and legal backing to a complaint by 42 year-old John Reaney, an active homosexual who had applied for the position of youth director for the diocese of Hereford.

Despite the fact that the Sexual Orientation Regulations contain an “exemption” for religious groups, the tribunal found that Mr. Reaney had been discriminated against. Reaney now stands to receive substantial financial compensation from the diocese.

Right Rev. Anthony Priddis, the Anglican Bishop of Hereford had declined to hire Reaney, saying the man had admitted to engaging in sexual activity outside of marriage during a five year long relationship, a clear violation of the Christian doctrines of chastity to which the Anglican Communion officially adheres…

The employment tribunal’s judgment is the first instance under the new regulations where religious bodies must comply with secularist sexual doctrine over and above their religious beliefs…

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